In 1993,  while still working in Zurich, Switzerland, we were awarded the commission for the Swiss National Bank, through Joerg Zintzmeyer & Lux, to contribute a picture for the new 20 Franc Swiss banknote. The note is in homage to Arthur Honegger (1892-1955), one of the best Swiss composers of our century, who is portrayed on one side of the bill. The other side is in honor of his opera "Pacific 231". For this assignment we traveled to Rouen in France and photographed the legendary locomotive “Pacific 231”. We are proud that our picture has been chosen and is reflected on the 20 Franc Swiss Banknote.  
New  20 Franc Swiss  Banknote
"Pacific 231",  A Locomotive In Music Honegger's symphony "Pacific 231" was written to honor this marvel of engineering. The wheel symbolizes rhythm, power and motion, while the compressor is a symbol of technology subduing power. Both these elements refer to the core themes of this composition: acceleration and deceleration.